a safe and sacred space for self-expression, reflection, connection and community
for women and people who menstruate

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Saturday July 24, 11am - 1pm

Brunswick East, Victoria

Tickets on sale: Thursday July 15, 10am

Exploring the wisdom and wonder of our inner winter

How do you feel and experience your inner season of winter? 


During the Sharing Circle we will be exploring and reflecting on how we feel and experience the inner season of winter/the menstruation phase of our cycle.

Did you know that your menstrual cycle is full of wisdom and wonder? 


So many insights, reflections, and powerful lessons are held within our body and experience of our menstrual cycle, and when we press pause on our day, take a moment to connect back in with our body, we are able to receive those insights, reflections, and powerful lessons that our bodies (and menstrual cycle) are yearning for us to know!


Feeling called to press pause on your day and connect in with your body?

Wanting time to reflect on what your body is yearning for?

Seeking to gain insights through sharing and hearing others experiences?

You’re invited to 💌  Menstrual Musings Sharing Circle


  • Welcome/Acknowledgement

  • Guided pause, grounding and intention setting

  • Introduction to the Circle theme

  • Journaling + oracle cards

  • Opening of Circle

  • Sharing of menstrual musings

  • Expression of gratitude + Closing of Circle


  • Yoga mat and pillow to sit on whilst in Circle. Chairs available should sitting on the floor not be comfortable for you.

  • Water, tea/coffee & light refreshments.


  • An open mind and an open heart.

  • Your favourite pen and journal to write down your menstrual musings throughout the evening.

  • Wear comfy clothes and shoes that slip off. You'll be invited to remove your shoes prior to sitting in Circle, so please bring socks if you want to keep your feet warm.

  • Whatever else will support you to feel comfortable.


By purchasing a ticket, you acknowledge to have read and agree to abide by the below guidelines.


Everyone is welcome. Just as they are. 


Menstrual Musings Sharing Circle is for people who menstruate. It is a safe, diverse and inclusive space for self-expression, connection and community. Participants from culturally diverse backgrounds, religions, sexual orientation, gender, and identity are welcome to participate.

No menstrual cycle? No worries. You may not currently be experiencing a menstrual cycle, and yet feel your energy ebb and flow. Even without a menstrual cycle, you may benefit from connecting to your body and its wisdom and wonder.

Your whole self is welcomed, honoured and celebrated. How you experience your menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and/or your body’s energetic ebbs and flows are unique to you. How you connect to each phase and how each phase is expressed is your individual lived experience and your cyclical truth. With an open mind and an open heart, you acknowledge yours and others uniqueness, lived experience and cyclical truth.

You honour each participant as their whole self, and understand that in honouring each participant, you do not dilute the honouring of your whole self. 


You will always be invited to share; however, it is important to know at no time is there an expectation for you to share. You can share as much, or as little as you like. Or you can simple choose to not share altogether. The sharing circle is an opportunity for you to be witnessed and safely held, in whatever capacity you choose to participate or contribute. As a self-determining individual, you will know what feels most aligned and comfortable for you. 


We speak with intention and we listen with attention. In circle, each person shares and each other individual sitting in circle listens and holds space. There is no questioning, no interrupting, no advice giving

- just listening and witnessing the person sharing.

Trust and confidentiality

What happens in Circle, stays in Circle. In order to ensure the comfort, inclusion and safety of all participants, we maintain trust and confidentiality at all times. We only ever share from our own lived experience, and do not repeat what we hear from others in Circle, outside of Circle.


Non-negotiable conduct

As a participant of Menstrual Musings Sharing Circle you acknowledge and accept that you will not engage in any form of bullying and/or degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, and identity. Bullying and/or degrading comments will not be tolerated.



If you required any specific support to feel welcome and safely held, please contact Sussana via email before the event or upon arrival. 



There is ample on- and off-street parking in close proximity to the venue. Just be mindful of parking restrictions 😬 because a parking ticket is no fun!


Public Transport

Number 1 and Number 6 tram lines are close by!

See Public Transport Victoria at to plan your trip.


The venue is fully accessible and has an accessible entrance via the laneway at the rear of the building (salmon pink door).

The venue also has gender neutral bathrooms and a left-hand transfer accessible bathroom.

Refund/cancellation/reschedule policy

Change of mind/No longer available to attend

Refunds are available up until 1 day before the event, after this time no refund is available.


If 2020 taught us anything, things happen that are beyond our control which requires us to pause and pivot.

Should the event be cancelled, a full refund will be offered; should the event be rescheduled, you can choose from a full refund or a transfer of funds to the rescheduled date.

"I attended Sussana’s Menstrual Musing Sharing Circle. Sussana created a safe space for us, where I felt immediately comfortable sharing my own thoughts and experiences. I also gained a greater understanding of how I can live in better alignment with my cycle. Thank you Sussana for creating and holding space for us, you have certainly found your calling!”


- Erin

"Attending Sussana's Menstrual Musings Sharing Circle was the first circle I've attended; I didn't know what to expect, and it was out of my comfort zone. However from the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and comfortable to share. That evening I learned a lot about my cycle and cycle self care. Thank you Sussana for an amazing evening.”


- Connie