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a sacred circle for fellow menstruators to come together in self-expression, reflection, connection and community 


Our menstrual cycle is full of wisdom and wonder. A sacred and wise communicator of our internal environment, influenced by our external environment. 

By pressing pause on our day, taking a moment to connect back in with our body, we open ourselves the possibility of receiving insights that our cycle is yearning for us to know. Menstrual Musings Sharing Circles are designed to be a sacred space to be seen and felt through your own self reflection; and with sharing your own experience and reflections, you provide others the opportunity to also self-inquire and reflect.

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Sharing Circle Kind Words

"I attended Sussana’s Menstrual Musing Sharing Circle. Sussana created a safe space for us, where I felt immediately comfortable sharing my own thoughts and experiences. I also gained a greater understanding of how I can live in better alignment with my cycle. Thank you Sussana for creating and holding space for us, you have certainly found your calling!"

- Erin, Sharing Circle participant 


"Attending Sussana's Menstrual Musings Sharing Circle was the first circle I've attended; I didn't know what to expect, and it was out of my comfort zone. However from the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and comfortable to share. That evening I learned a lot about my cycle and cycle self care. Thank you Sussana for an amazing evening."

- Connie, Sharing Circle participant 

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