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Unplugged menstrual conversations: The Unplugged Woman, Unplugged Podcast, hosted by Misty Johnson

My recent podcast appearance on The Unplugged Woman, Unplugged, hosted by Misty Johnson is now LIVE for you to have a listen!

The Unplugged Woman, Unplugged Podcast explores and deep dives into the art of unplugging. In solo episodes, Misty shares her personal journey of unplugging from social media and what she's discovering as she takes a year off socials; and in guest episodes, Misty and her guests explore the mindset, stories, beliefs and conditions that her amazing guests have unplugged from, are currently unplugging from, and what's shifted for them as a result.

I am proud to be featured on Episode 8 Unplugged with Sussana Christine - Menstrual Awareness and Cyclical Living.

In this unplugged conversation Misty and I chat about:

  • My menstrual journey and how it motivated and inspired me down the path to becoming a Menstrual Cycle Coach;

  • Our first periods, and how working with tweens as a First Moon Circles Facilitator, is an empowering alternative to traditional period education;

  • The importance of our maternal lineage, and the way stories/beliefs around menstruation are passed down;

and so much more!

🎧 Tune-in to the episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Listener feedback "Loved hearing about your story (can so relate) and the work you are doing with tweens. With a baby girl now it’s something I’m thinking about for her and changing her experience with menstruation compared to mine, and just how important it is."

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🌀 Learn more about First Moon Circles here.

🌀 Grab a copy of Embrace Your Flow, a beginner's guide to menstrual cycle awareness and cyclical living, including printable resources to get you started - click here to download

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