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Menstrual Musings: 22 Journal prompts for the 4 phases of the menstrual + lunar cycle

General menstrual cycle prompts

My relationship with my menstrual cycle is ...

My experience with my menstrual cycle is ...

How do I want to feel and experience my menstrual cycle, and what will support me to create this?

Reflecting on my menstrual cycle awareness practice, what insights/patterns can I see? What are these insights/patterns teaching me?

Menstruation phase | Inner Winter | New Moon | Inward energy

~ a time to plant seeds (dream, plan, set intentions)

As I enter this new cycle:

What has faded away?

What seeds (dreams/goals/intentions) am I planting?

Where can I clear space to invite in my dreams/goals/intentions?

What do I truly want from my life, and how do I want to feel? How can I support myself to move towards this?

Where am I feeling resistance and how can I invite in freedom?

This new cycle I am calling in …

This new cycle I am creating …

How is my body yearning to feel?

Pre-ovulation phase | Inner Spring | Waxing Moon | Increasing Energy

~ a time for action and working towards the intentions you set at the beginning of the cycle

I am embracing…

Where is my energy wanting to go?

Reflect on the intentions set during menstruation phase: What do my intentions need to grow strong?

Ovulation phase | Inner Summer | Full Moon | Outward energy

~ a time for harvest, celebration and gratitude

I am celebrating …

I am grateful for …

What has reached its peak, and what remains to be witnessed?

As I move into my pre-menstrual phase/waning energy, I prepare to release...

Pre-menstruation phase | Inner Autumn | Waning Moon | Decreasing energy

~ a time to release that which no longer serves us; for completion and closure

What remains to be released?

What requires closure/completion?

As I move into my menstruation phase/new moon, I am preparing to shed...

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