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Menstrual Musings: My first Women's Circle

Photo taken at a HERStory women's circle evening

June 21 2019, I attended my first ever Women’s Circle facilitated by the most gorgeous soul and holder of space, Amanda Scott at @herstory.womenscircles

Prior to June, I had never even heard of Women’s Circles but at the time I was seeking meaningful connection to the sisterhood. I felt disconnected for so long and knew I needed to be seen, heard and nurtured.

I remember I sent a message to Amanda at the beginning of June asking her for some further information about Circle. I explained I would be attending alone and I felt “a little nervous". Looking back though, I was A LOT nervous!

Amanda was empathetic, acknowledging and understanding my vulnerability and she was also reassuring, explaining how I would be entering a beautiful and safe space where I will be welcomed. That is was not unusual to attend alone for the first time as many other women do so and that sharing in Circle was optional.

The only prerequisite Amanda has for attending Circle is to bring an open mind and an open heart; oh and a pen for journaling.

As I was walking out the door to attend my first Circle, I was nervous and my vulnerability was in overdrive, my walls were well and truly up. I remember stating to my husband that there was ‘no chance’ I was sharing in Circle and when he asked why, I responded “you know I have a hard time trusting people”.

Of course, I arrived super early and while I sat in my car, I watched as some of the women arrived and were greeted with a beautiful smile and huge hug from Amanda. Nerves kicked into overdrive, calling my husband and stating “Amanda knows all these women, she is hugging them. I am going to be the odd one out”.

Well, was I wrong…

You see, Amanda greets each and every woman who attends (whether it is your first time or your 100th) with the same beaming smile and most genuine hug.

Prior to sharing, we have an opportunity to journal and draw an oracle card or two - my card simply said ‘TRUST’ with a picture of a crab, which makes total sense because a crab has a hard exterior but is soft inside (those who are closest to me would describe me exactly like this). So despite my vulnerability, I shared in my first Circle and I shared my story about my vulnerability to attend and my comments to my husband prior about my lack of trust.

The hugs and empathetic words of support I received afterwards from the women in attendance was so special.

Overall, the entire experience for me was profound - I felt comfortable, safe, seen and heard. As each woman shared her story, her joys and triumphs, her fears and her heartache, I felt for the first time in my life connected to the sisterhood.

To be able to come together, to share, to laugh and to cry as a collective was a beautiful soul inspiring experience.


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