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Menstrual Musings: What is your body yearning for?

Every day or two, I like to draw an oracle card asking for guidance for that particular day.

For a while now, I have been drawn to The Starseed Oracle - Rebecca Campbell. It connects with my heart and soul, like no other deck has before. For a two week period, each time I drew a card from The Starseed Oracle deck, the following card presented itself:

△ WATER YOUR GARDEN Nourishment. Body care. Tenderness. Rest

Over the two weeks, as I kept pulling this card, I would look at the oracle card, I would read the guidebook and I would make an instantaneous note of what I thought this card meant - for example, I would think to myself, oh I have not moved today, need to do half hour of exercise.

When really, I was not pausing to really digest the card's question: what is your body yearning for? When I finally did pause, I sat with this card, journaled, connected with my body and asked 'what are you yearning for?' and this is what she said:

Firstly, she is yearning for⠀

▴ More movement⠀

▴ More stretching⠀

▴ More fresh food⠀

▴ More water⠀

▴ Quiet⠀

▴ Quality sleep⠀

▴ Connection to self/self-love⠀

On a deeper level, she is yearning for⠀


Apologise to her for any past mistreatment, acknowledge the times you treated her well and commit to do better.⠀


Create a safe + nurturing space for her to continue to tell you her needs. Sit with her, hold space for her to be seen + heard. She will tell you when and what she wants more of, less of or it’s perfect as is.⠀


Be kind to her - let go of any expectations of her to be a certain way, accept her as she is and as she evolves.⠀


You only get one body in this lifetime and you owe it to her to treat her with respect, for she carries within her, your heart and soul. The very essence of your being and to live your fullest most heart centred, soul led life, you must prioritise her needs.⠀



What is my body yearning for?

How can I connect with my body to understand my body's needs?

How can I give more kindness to my body?

How can I reconcile with my body?


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