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I recently completed a coaching series with my coach, Jaci Rogash.

Jaci + I at the Beautiful You Coaching Awards, 2020

There was so much healing and transformation that came from that experience and I wanted to share with you, my three biggest changes:

ONE: I embrace + embody my authentic self

For a long time, I had this deep seated belief; misguided BS from society telling me to ‘sit the fuck down’ and as a result, I had lost my ‘zero fucks given’ attitude towards anyone who tried to tell me or make me feel like my authentic self was somehow less than desirable. I was showing up as a watered down version of my true self.

Coaching gave me the opportunity to unpack this false belief and to own all parts of me -

I am highly sensitive and sassy.

I am fierce and soft.

I am loud and I am quiet.

I love hard and hurt deep.

I stand up for what I believe is right.

I will fight against what I believe is wrong.

I know I am not for everyone and that is OK.

TWO: I trust my intuition

As a child, my intuition was very strong. It kept me safe from harm.

However, I cannot pinpoint at what stage in my life, I lost my connection and trust in my intuition, but I know it was caused from years of the same message (albeit a false message) that I was ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’; that coupled with traumatic life events, my heart (and even my body) subsequently shut down and my ego run amuck for too long, reinforcing false belief systems and a fear mindset.

With the support of coaching, I was able to get really clear on when my ego is talking compared to my intuition. The clarity I gained around this means that I am not in a constant internal tug of war between my head and my heart; I am able to trust my intuition and calm my ego and they can both co-exist with ease.

Trusting my intuition feels liberating, because I feel deeply connected to my heart centre and my body which provides me the freedom to show up for myself in a way that feels natural and in alignment with my values. 

THREE: I gained confidence by not being confident.

At the beginning of my coaching with Jaci, she asked what I was looking for in a coach, I said a coach who calls me out on my bullshit and holds me accountable. Jaci did that, in particular around my confidence to serve my coaching community (my current and future clients). I was held accountable for what I said I wanted to achieve and with that accountability, I kept showing up even when I was not feeling confident - when I was feeling nervous, like I had no authority to speak or I didn’t know shit about fuck (Ozark reference). I gained confidence because I was supported to show up in my vulnerability.

It has been a journey to get to this point of transformation and growth. There has been heartache and tears, doubt and fear, but back in 2017 when my heart tugged and my soul called - we want to go home, it was leading me to this point here.

As a Women's Life Coach, it is important for me to share my lived experience and to do the work and be the change, that I know my clients are also wanting for themselves. I'm here to support my clients to reconnect with their authentic self, trust their intuition and gain confidence through their vulnerability. If you would like this to be you, please reach out by emailing: hello@sussanachristine.com

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