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Cyclical Living in a Linear World: The Quiet Rebels® Podcast with Mai-kee Tsang

I am proud to share my recent podcast appearance on The Quiet Rebels® Podcast with Mai-kee Tsang is now LIVE for you to have a listen.

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In Mai-kee's words, The Quiet Rebels® Podcast "exists to help create a safer space for the quieter voices to be heard, without having to be the loudest person in the room. Allow us to grace your earbuds as we dive deep into the conscious conversations, to help you truly own the value in your voice in both business AND life.

I am featured on episode #127: Cyclical Living in a Linear World.

During our conversation, Mai-kee and I chat about:

  • Where to get started with Cyclical Living

  • The 4 Types of Cycles to Consider

  • Launching in Tandem with Your Cycles

and so much more!

🎧 Listen here!

A transcript for this episode is also available here!

(Note: This episode was transcribed by and like all transcription tools, they aren’t perfect. So please forgive any errors and typos you may see.)

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