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When I first connected with Sussana, I was struggling to find my purpose and was wanting to reconnect with who I am. I love a new adventure and seeing where it takes me, and coaching with Sussana did not disappoint.

At the commencement of the coaching series, I was feeling excited and nervous about what I might or might not discover about myself. I was also feeling a little afraid that there was nothing more for me. By the end of our first session together, I had felt a shift in my mindset; I was looking forward and taking positive action towards my goals.

I found myself during our coaching series. My loved ones noticed I was connecting with my spirituality, I had confidence in myself and my belief in working towards my purpose. The biggest change I witnessed in myself was my confidence, energy and excitement towards living my best life. It even led me to meeting new likeminded people.

Overall, I loved and thoroughly enjoyed my coaching experience with Sussana. I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made and continue to make, thanks to Sussana’s guidance. Sussana is so easy to talk to and always encouraging.

Rebecca Gibson

Before working with Sussana, I felt very lost. I was seeking clarity with my career and life direction, and support and guidance with being confident within myself and who I was as a woman, all while overcoming burn out, studying and being a Mum of four children.  


Sussana having overcome burn out herself, I felt would be understanding of my current circumstances. I was apprehensive about working with another coach, as my previous experience with a coach felt clinical. My experience with Sussana however was very different. Sussana’s warmth made me feel completely safe to open up about my thoughts and feelings, as well as safe to challenge some of my deepest held self-beliefs.  

Sussana's authenticity and heart felt professionalism was obvious from the very beginning. I felt that Sussana was the real deal and not only did she genuinely care about me and my journey, she also knew her stuff. She is one of the most authentic and grounded women I have had the privilege to work with. Her warmth will immediately put you at ease and her depth of knowledge and insight is beyond her years. As a super busy home-schooling mother of four, I needed 'realness' as a factor in order to succeed in this journey of transformation. And to this end, Sussana has delivered above and beyond. Heartfelt gratitude for all that Sussana is!  


My family and friends have commented that I look happier, have made positive changes, look relaxed and am more confident with my choices. The biggest change I have experienced for myself has been learning to surrender. As a career focused person, this isn't innate. Now I focus on what I value most and only what is in alignment with these values. I feel more confident now in letting go of things that no longer serve me, from toys that my children have outgrown, other physical possessions, to old beliefs, patterns and relationships. This is an ongoing learning, but I have learnt that the more I practice, the better I am getting at being in the moment, witnessing and receiving guidance and enjoying my life more.

If I had to describe my coaching experience with Sussana in 3 words, they would be: Serendipitous. Life-changing. Authentic.

Helen Mac

When I commenced working with Sussana, I was needing balance in my life. I was beginning to feel disconnected within myself and questioning my self worth and personal values. I wanted a coach that would keep me accountable but also, I wanted to feel heard and valued.

Through my coaching experience with Sussana, I realised that my needs and desires were valid. That I deserved to be a Mum and entrepreneur and that I did not have to be defined as one or the other. With effort, reflection and an open mind I could have balance and be present in both areas of my life. Even those closest to me have noticed my dedication to myself and my business, without the compromise of being a caring, nurturing and dedicated Mum.

The biggest change I have noticed is the value I place on my time and my responsibilities.

I allow flexibility in my day, I celebrate even the small wins and I enjoy the process, just as much as the outcome. 

Overall, my coaching experience with Sussana was rewarding and liberating. With compassion, Sussana held space for me in our sessions whilst I navigated a difficult period in my life. She was supportive and encouraging and instilled self-belief. The experience left me feeling worthy of my dreams again.

Tenielle Maree

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Sussana's Menstrual Musings Sharing Circle was the first circle I've attended and it was out of my comfort zone. However from the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and comfortable. That evening I learned a lot about my cycle and cycle self care. Thank you Sussana for an amazing evening - Connie


→ I attended Sussana’s Menstrual Musing Sharing Circle; Sussana created a safe space for us, where I felt immediately comfortable sharing my own thoughts and experiences. I also gained a greater understanding of how I can live in better alignment with my cycle. Thank you Sussana for creating and holding space for us, you have certainly found your calling! - Erin

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