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The following is a non-exhaustive list of cyclical resources for your information only.

These are resources I have gathered throughout my studies, work as a menstrual cycle coach and on my own path of self-exploration of my cyclical experience.

I honour you as your whole cyclical self and trust that you know yourself best; take what you need and leave the rest.

Links have been included where possible. I have no direct affiliation with any of the below authors and content creators. 

Happy perusing!

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  • My Period: Find Your Flow and Feel Proud of Your Period, written by Milli Hill

  • Own Your Period, written by Chella Quint

  • Welcome to Your Period, written by Yumi Stynes and Dr Melissa Kang

  • Welcome to Your Boobs, written by Yumi Stynes and Dr Melissa Kang

  • Welcome to Consent, written by Yumi Stynes and Dr Melissa Kang

  • Something is Different this Morning, written by Cynthia Pokuah

  • Let’s Talk About Sex: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, Gender and Sexual Health, written by Robbie H. Harris and Michael Emberley




The Flow: A Podcast by TABOO - click here

“The Flow is a weekly women's health podcast hosted by TABOO team members Ophelia Veloudous, Eloise Hall and Isobel Marshall. It showcases the hosts’ own experiences and invites many other perspectives to the table with some phenomenal guests. These babes will be filling your ears with conversations that matter: health, wellbeing, gender equality, menstrual management and more! Get ready to be empowered, entertained and excited about the things you’ll learn from The Flow.”

Wild Flow with Charlotte Pointeaux - click here

“In a world where cycles are all around us in nature, most of us are taught to suppress and deny their power and presence on our health, wellbeing and quality of life. Host Charlotte Pointeaux, International Award-Winning Wild Feminine Cycle Coach, shows her clients and listeners how to do the opposite. Featuring potent solo transmissions and deep, soulful conversations with sacred leaders, change-makers, and embodied teachers, the Wild Flow podcast guides women to unlock the power of their wild womb and cyclical essence to find flourish and flow. If you’re ready to embrace the mysteries of your wild feminine self you’re in the right place. Are you ready? Let’s flow!”.


Ladies, We Need to Talk, ABC Podcast, hosted by Yumi Stynes - click here 

“Want to know how to close the orgasm gap? Riding your hormonal rollercoaster blindfolded? Feel like kicking your mental load to the kerb? You're not the only one. Ladies, We Need to Talk dives headfirst into the tricky topics we often avoid talking about, like our alcohol consumption, the struggles of monogamy and the wonders of our vaginas. With sensitivity, personal stories, and serious smarts, this show is for women who feel the squeeze between work, their private life, and their pelvic floor. Join host Yumi Stynes as she tears open the sealed section on life.”


The Menstruality Podcast, Red School Podcast, hosted by Sophie Jane Hardy - click here

“At Red School, we’ve devoted over 10,000 hours to develop a radical new approach to health, creativity, leadership and spiritual life. And the best bit? It’s rooted in the bloody, wild, radical power of the menstrual cycle. For this podcast, we’ve sought out the ground-breaking pioneers and creatives who are changing the conversation about the menstrual cycle and menopause, and modelling a new way that is cyclical, relational and organic. We’ll also be joined often by Red School’s founders, and the authors of Wild Power, Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. Together we’ll explore how you can unashamedly claim the power of the menstrual cycle to activate your unique form of leadership, for yourself, your community, and the world.”

  • A.J. Lowik (2020): ‘Just because I don’t bleed, doesn’t mean I don’t go through it: Expanding knowledge on trans and non-binary menstruators’, International Journal of Transgender Health, DOI: 10.1080/15532739.2020.1819507



Image by Luke Southern
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