I am highly sensitive and sassy. I am fierce and soft. I am loud and I am quiet. I love hard and hurt deep. I stand up for what I believe is right. I will fight against what I believe is wrong.


I know I am not for everyone, and that is OK.



✦ I'm a qualified Beautiful You Life Coach

✦ I am a finalist in the 2020-2021 Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards in the TRAINEE OF THE YEAR Category 

✦ My 3 embodiment practices that support me to feel at home within my body include

🌬 Deep breathing into parts of my body that are needing love and kindness

📝 Journaling on how my body is feeling, its needs and how I may lovingly nurture, nourish and support it

🌀 Menstrual cycle tracking to support me to tune in, and be in harmony with the ebbs and flows of my physical, emotional, and spiritual energy

✦ A chronic illness diagnosis in 2014, and significant burnout by the end of 2018 has led me on an intimate journey to reclaim my health, heal my body, and grow and transform from the experience.



I share with you my story in the hopes that it provides you with inspiration to honour you, your heart and your body; and to know you are not alone, you can heal, grow and transform.

For 30something years, I was the 'good girl', the people pleaser, who said yes, when really I wanted/needed to say no. Who ignored my own needs because I felt like I would be disappointing others. Whose worth was strongly tied to how much I did for everyone else.

As a child, my intuition was very strong. It kept me safe from harm. However at some stage, I lost that connection and trust in my intuition. I truly believe this was caused from years of the same message (albeit a false message), misguided BS from society telling me to ‘sit the fuck down’ because I was too much - too sensitive, too soft, too loud, too emotional. I was constantly being told that my authentic self was somehow less than desirable.

For a long time, I lived my life disconnected from my heart and body. They each existed in isolation; misaligned, lost and confused as to what the other needed. For me I lived my life always in a very logical, focused. pushing forward way. I was disconnected from loving and nurturing myself. I was not honouring my needs and I ignored my intuition (that soft whisper inside my heart). I lived with a fear mindset - fear of being left behind, fear of being judged, fear of been seen and heard. I was convinced that the only way to be loved and accepted was to always be in service to others. 

I suppressed my voice. I hid my sensitivity. I denied my truth. I showed up as a watered down version of my true self. 


I continued to give and give, until I gave so much of myself, my love, my attention, my energy to everyone but me, that my heart and my body gave out.