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Hey there, cyclical one!

I am Sussana Christine (she/her), a Menstrual Cycle Coach & Circle Facilitator
. Welcome you to my cosy corner of the internet!

My greatest wish for you dear cyclical one, is that you release yourself from what menstrual cycle awareness and cyclical living "should look like, reclaim your cyclical truth, and rebel against the societal norms and expectations of menstruation and cyclical living so that you may embody a cyclical experience that works for YOU!

This wish is one that is close to my heart, having been on my own menstrual path of release, reclamation and rebellion for nine years now!


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Cyclical Acknowledgement

I acknowledge and respect that not all women menstruate, and not all people who menstruate are women. 


When I share about my menstrual story, I am sharing from my own personal lived experience and perspective as a cisgendered white woman. All or part of my menstrual story may not resonate or feel true for you in your cyclical experience. We each have unique and individual experiences of menstruation and each bring our own identities, abilities and lived experiences to our menstrual understanding and cyclical awareness.

My menstrual story - the highlights


 I experienced my first period (menarche) at 11 years old and have been menstruating for 27 years so far. Upon deeper exploration and reflection, my experience of menarche felt messy, steeped in shame and went unnoticed. 

 I started tracking my menstrual cycle about nine years ago, this was influenced by my chronic illness (Graves Disease) diagnosis at the time, and the importance of tracking health information to support me in my specialist appointments. 


 I started exploring how I feel in each phase of my cycle about five years ago, as I immersed myself in all things menstrual cycles, learning how my energy would shift and change throughout my cycle.


 In the past two years I have been cultivating a deeper, more intimate relationship with my womb space. This level of intimacy however has brought with it intense emotions as I understand more and more of my maternal lineage, and the trauma and unresolved grief that my womb has inherited. One day when I have the words I hope to share more with you on the insights, reflections and lessons gained, until then I will continue to surrender to the experience.

I have been on a menstrual path of self-exploration for nine years (and counting) now, and so far I have

→ developed a deeper appreciation for my menstrual cycle and my cyclical experience, 

→ learned to treat my body with compassion, especially during moments when it has felt extra hard to be in a menstruating body - intense period pain and heavy flow, I am looking at you on this one,

→ created a cycle tracking practice that is meaningful and is steeped in exploring and understanding my cyclical strengths and vulnerabilities,


→ been able to care for my changing cyclical needs in a way that works for me, and 

→ explored my menstrual story, gaining a greater understanding of my menstrual conditioning and its impact, and creating more empowered beliefs about my cyclical experience.

"My coaching experience with Sussana was rewarding and liberating. With compassion, Sussana held space for me in our sessions whilst I navigated a difficult period in my life. She was supportive and encouraging and instilled self-belief. The experience left me feeling worthy of my dreams again."
- Tenielle Maree 

My work focuses on four core areas ↓

Menstrual awareness

→ provide information and resources to understand the menstrual cycle and the changes that occur throughout the cycle.

Menstrual eco-system

→ provide people who menstruate with the tools and understanding to care for their menstrual wellbeing holistically, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Menstrual empowerment

→ promote menstrual awareness towards eliminating stigma and taboo, empowering people who menstruate to embrace a cyclical experience that works for them.

Cyclical living

→ promote understanding of the significance of honouring the natural rhythm of the menstrual cycle, and how to use this knowledge to guide life choices, self-care practices and personal growth.

"Sussana's authenticity and heartfelt professionalism was obvious from the very beginning. I felt that Sussana was the real deal and not only did she genuinely care about me and my journey, she also knew her stuff. She is one of the most authentic and grounded women I have had the privilege to work with. Her warmth will immediately put you at ease and her depth of knowledge and insight is beyond her years"
- Helen Mac

Relevant experience


→ trained as a Beautiful You Life Coach, with Beautiful You Coaching Academy (2020)


→ trained as a Menstrual Cycle Coach, with Cycle Coach School led by Claire Baker (2021)

→ trained and certified as a First Moon Circles® Facilitator, with First Moon Circles® School founded by Charlotte Pointeaux (2021)

"As a menstrual cycle coach, Sussana is patient and empathetic; I found her coaching approach to be balanced between listening, guiding and advising.  If I was describing the menstrual cycle coaching experience with Sussana to a friend, I would say it was a supportive container where I got to take the time to really tune into myself and my body. It was also so much more than just menstrual cycle coaching, as it took into consideration me as a whole and complex person, focusing on other areas of life that came up along the way."
- Erin O'Donoghue


Learn more about my signature 1:1 coaching program - The Embodied Menstrual Cycle.


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A beginner's guide to menstrual cycle awareness and cyclical living, with printable resources.


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Cyclical musings to inspire

self-exploration and reflection. 


5 personal facts about me ...

  1. I am a second generation Australian with Greek ancestry.

  2. My Sun sign is Sagittarius, Moon sign Scorpio, Rising sign Cancer, and I'm a 6/2, splenic Projector.

  3. I am married with two fur babies.

  4. I am intuitive and highly sensitive, and protecting my personal + energetic space is my most valued self-care practice.

  5. Fuck is my favourite word, especially when used as an emphasiser!

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