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Embody a cyclical experience that works for YOU!
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Start exploring your cyclical experience

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Download: Embrace Your Flow

a take what you need and leave the rest beginner's guide to menstrual cycle awareness and cyclical living, with printable resources to get you started!


Hey there, cyclical one!

I am Sussana Christine (she/her), a Menstrual Cycle Coach and Circle Facilitator. I welcome you to my cosy corner of the internet. 

I must start by sharing my greatest wish for you dear cyclical one, and that is that I wish for you:


  • to release yourself from what menstrual cycle awareness and cyclical living "should" look like,

  • to reclaim your cyclical truth, and 

  • to rebel against the clusterfuck of societal norms and expectations of menstruation and cyclical living, 

so that you may embody a cyclical experience that works for YOU! 

This wish is one that is close to my heart, having been on my own menstrual path of release, reclamation and rebellion for nine years now!

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How to work with me


The Embodied Menstrual Cycle

The Embodied Menstrual Cycle coaching program offers personalised 1:1 menstrual cycle coaching with a focus on developing a deeper understanding of your menstrual cycle and its needs to create an cyclical experience that works for you.

Online via Zoom.


First Moon Circles® 

A beautiful, empowering alternative to traditional period education, featuring craft, conversations and a special parent-child celebration for 9-12 year olds.

Private, in-person First Moon Circles® with me as your host.


Sharing Circles

Seasonal sharing circles coming soon.

Menstrual Musings Blog
~ featured blog posts ~


personally curated cyclical resources, including books, podcasts and articles to peruse on your path of cyclical self-exploration


You're invited to join the Menstrual Musings email community!


An email community steeped in ...

→ Inspiration to share my own cyclical experience, insights and musings with the hope to inspire self-reflection of your own experience.

→ Self-exploration to provide you with information, resources and teachings to support you to self-explore your cyclical experience, and create a meaningful, sustainable and accessible way of being and doing.

→ Connection & co-creation an open invitation share your own menstrual and cyclical insights and musings, ask questions and/or suggest a topic or area of focus.


→ First access to opportunities to work together, such as 1:1 menstrual cycle coaching, events, workshops and community activities.

and as a gesture of thanks, you'll also receive my beginner's guide to menstrual cycle awareness and cyclical living, Embrace Your Flow

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