Menstrual cycle awareness to reclaim the power + magic of cyclical living and embody your vibrant, feels amazing life!

With open arms and a heart beaming you love, welcome.
I am grateful you are here!
I am Sussana.
I am a Coach and Circle Facilitator bringing cyclical awareness and menstrual understanding to my clients and community.
Through menstrual cycle awareness, cyclical self-care and embodiment practices, I support women and people who menstruate, to create an intuitive relationship with their body, its natural rhythm, and live their most vibrant, feels amazing life.
In my work, I bring my lived experience of being disconnected from her body and its needs, as well as my personal healing journey and learning experiences of the power and magic of living in alignment with our menstrual cycle.

This is heart and soul aligned work for me.
All about you, your heart, and your body



You freely share your energy, only to find you have very little energy left for yourself. Your body is giving you signs to pause, rest, and reset; and yet, you resist. 




You tell yourself, your needs do not matter. You are not worthy of the same love and kindness, you so freely give to others. You’ve lost that connection to your authentic self, your authentic voice, your authentic life; yet, you ask yourself when will it be my turn to live my most vibrant, amazing life. 




You’re overwhelmed and stressed. You’re feeling exhausted and burnt out. You feel powerless over your own life. You’re hard on yourself and feel guilty, when you want to reclaim your energy, your time, your worth. 




I broke my own heart because at some point, I started to believe the BS that life tells us - 


That our needs do not matter, our worth is measured by how much we do for everyone else. our success based on how busy we are, and showing up as our authentic true selves is somehow considered less than desirable.


I cost myself my own wellbeing and happiness.


Life became a clusterfuck of constant stress and ultimately, I burnt out. 


My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health suffered.


I was living a watered down version of my authentic self.


I was misaligned with my values, what my heart wanted and what my body needed. 


I did not embody my my most vibrant, feels amazing life.

It would be my absolute joy to support you to feel amazing in a way that honours you, your heart and your body


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Wurundjeri Country, Brunswick East, Victoria, Australia


In recognition, respect, and solidarity, I acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations, who are the Traditional Custodians of this Land on which I was born, live, learn, work and play.  I pay my respect to Elders past, present and emerging. This Land, which we benefit from occupying was stolen and Sovereignty was never ceded. It always was and always will be, Aboriginal Land.


I commit to continue to deepen my awareness and understanding of First Nations people, their cultures, and their traditions through deep listening, education, building meaningful relationships and honouring diverse, opinions and lived experiences. This is my lifelong commitment towards walking together. 

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