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Hi there cyclical friend,

With my heart beaming you love, welcome! 

I am Sussana Christine (she/her), a Menstrual Cycle Coach supporting fellow menstruators create a deeper connection, awareness and understanding of their body and its cyclical wisdom.


I am also a Period Educator + certified First Moon Circles® Facilitator supporting tweens towards an informed and empowered entry into their menstruating years. 

Through menstrual cycle awareness, cyclical self-care and embodiment practices, I support fellow menstruators create an intuitive relationship with their body, its natural rhythm, and live their most vibrant, feels amazing life. In my work, I bring my lived experience of being disconnected from my body and its needs, as well as my personal healing journey and learning experiences of the wisdom and wonder of living in alignment with our menstrual cycle.

This is heart and soul aligned work for me.

I work with clients 1:1 through menstual cycle coaching + mentoring, and host Menstrual Musings Sharing Circle, a sacred circle for fellow menstruators to come together in self-expression, reflection, connection and community; I also host First Moon Circles®menstrual education, empowerment and celebration for 9-12 year olds as they approach menarche (first period). 

READ: Menstrual Musings ~ I recommend starting with the blog post titled: My heart vision
FOLLOW: @sussana.christine


Qualified Beautiful You Life Coach, Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Certified First Moon Circles® Facilitator, First Moon Circles®

Qualified Menstrual Cycle Coach, Cycle Coach School, led by Claire Baker 

Finalist in the 2020-2021 Beautiful You Coaching Academy awards, in the Trainee of the Year category

My 3 embodiment practices that support me to feel at home within my body include:

🌬 Deep breathing into parts of my body that are needing love and kindness

📝 Journaling on how my body is feeling, its needs and how I may lovingly nurture, nourish and support it

🌀 Menstrual cycle tracking to support me to tune in, and be in harmony with the ebbs and flows of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy

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